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Christmas Gift Guide 2023: 11 Home Decor Gift Ideas

Feeling a bit short on ideas? The abundance of choices can be overwhelming! The challenge lies in identifying a lovely gift that also fits your budget.

Essentially, you have two alternatives: selecting a gift based on your knowledge of the person, a somewhat risky endeavor given that our preferences evolve over time… Alternatively, you can consider a timeless and delightful home decor item, a gift that has proven its enduring appeal and is certain to bring joy during the holiday season and long after.

To help you find the perfect Christmas home decor gift in 2023, André Viau carpet store in Montreal has decided to present you with the ultimate list of 11 gift ideas for the home. Here they are, the decorations and accessories that everyone loves!

1. A beautiful rug, the ideal home decor gift

Carpets and rugs are sure to warm up any room, whether the living room, staircase, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. They also make a great gift when temperatures drop: a beautiful winter carpet for an entrance is the ideal addition to home decor for the snowy season.

A blanket, a set of sheets for the bed, or placemats are other possible choices for dressing up an interior . . . but none of these can hold a candle to the beauty and comfort of a high quality rug.

However, choosing the right carpet can be difficult. For a risk-free selection, opt for neutral tones that can easily blend in with any decorating style. Or visit a specialist store like Tapis André Viau.

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2. Kitchen and tableware gift ideas

Kitchen and table accessories are always useful, making them a tried-and-true Christmas gift for friends or family.

Designer knives, a set of glasses with an original cut, or a beautiful tray to serve aperitifs are always good options.

Again, try to choose neutral pieces if you don’t know how the space has been decorated, or what the other person might prefer. White, black, gray or metallic tones are safe choices that are sure to please.

kitchen accessories for Christmas gift-giving

3. Scented candles

Home fragrances are essential for creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere in any home.

Keep this in mind when looking for an original gift this Christmas: offer a set of scented candles to your loved ones!

It’s always pleasant to enter a home filled with a natural, balanced aroma, so we recommend choosing fresh, gentle scents such as roses, lavender or green tea.

scented candle

4. A bouquet of flowers in a vase

A pretty bouquet of flowers has long been a popular Christmas gift choice, as there’s nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up the view, instantly decorate and gently perfume an entire room.

It’s not a common practice for us to include a vase with a floral arrangement. However, this could be the perfect finishing touch for your gift! When picking a vase, opt for a transparent design with a broad opening to facilitate easy placement of the bouquet. Keep in mind that the vase should be versatile enough for other flowers, ensuring it becomes a lasting and special addition wherever it graces a home.

And if you prefer to give a plant for a Christmas gift, include a plant pot or basket made from plant fibers, wicker, jute or rattan, to make your gift both original and useful.

Christmas bouquet of fresh flowers

5. Custom engraved wine glasses

Do your friends or family enjoy wine? Consider gifting a bottle as a complement to the main gift, whether it’s a wine-related accessory or an item for serving hors d’oeuvres. Engraved wine glasses make for fantastic presents, combining practicality with a delightful reminder of the occasion.

You can embellish these wine glasses with either the event date or the names of the guests, making them not only a practical item but also a refined and understated enhancement to home decor.

Wine glasses

6. A Christmas gift for plant-lovers

Flower bouquets always make for a warm welcome, but you may be looking for something in a similar vein that will be a bit more original.

Why not replace traditional flowers with a different type of plant-related gift like a potted plant or a Bonsai tree? For plant enthusiasts, a new addition to their house or apartment is always a reliable choice. Consider gifting a plant they don’t already have to help expand their collection. Bonsai trees, known for their association with good luck, make an excellent option for the holiday season. Available in various sizes, from small and affordable trees to larger, more expensive specimens, there are options to suit every budget!

Potted herbs are another alternative. They are even more versatile as gifts, as they be used for decoration and also for cooking. This option is ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, especially around Christmas.

Potted plants for Christmas gifts

7. For music lovers: a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers offer the gift of wireless freedom. Whether at home, at a picnic or on an outdoor getaway, this speaker allows music lovers to stream their favorite tunes from any compatible device.

If you’re tech-savvy, connected speakers are also an option, even if they tend to have poorer audio quality than some Bluetooth options.

Bluetooth speaker for Christmas gift

4 More gift ideas for the home

Looking for other options? Here are a few more Christmas gift ideas for the home:

A beautiful picture frame: A beautiful photo frame is always a nice gift. After all, who doesn’t like to hang memories in their home? Choose a hanging frame or a standing frame – either option will find its way to the right place in the home, on a shelf, in the dining room, at the entrance . . . the possibilities are endless!

A wall clock: This gift can be a welcome addition to any room. Choose a clock with simple lines for a kitchen, a clock with a vintage touch for a living room . . . a wall clock is always an excellent Christmas gift idea for the home!

A pretty cushion: Whether for the sofa, the bedroom, or the children’s room, a pretty cushion is a good option for adding something extra to anyone’s home decor.

A doormat: If you think a doormat is a “cold” gift, think again. Today, there are countless doormat models to choose from, in different colors and with original prints. Add a touch of warmth to any entrance with this Christmas gift idea for the home!

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A lovely rug or carpet is a Christmas gift for friends or family that is sure to add a warm and inviting touch to their home decor, but it’s crucial to select the right design. Need help? Ask the experts!

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