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How to Protect Your Carpeted Stairs

Did you just cover your stairs with a new carpet? Great news! Not only will you protect your staircase from the wear and tear of time, but you will also give your home a more comfortable and safe environment.

You may now want to protect the carpeted steps of your staircase to ensure their own durability. The experts at Tapis André Viau, carpet specialists since 1956, give you 3 tips to protect your carpet stairs.

Maintenance is the best protection

To protect the steps of a carpeted staircase, regular maintenance is necessary. Vacuum regularly to remove any dust or dirt deposited by shoes and traffic wear. Clean the gaps in your staircase railing if there are any since dust can also get trapped there. If you have installed a stair runner on top of vinyl flooring, be sure to clean the vinyl with a product that will not harm the carpet.

As this is an area that is heavily used by members of the household, try to avoid habits that will wear and tear the carpeted stairs over time. This might mean wearing indoor shoes or clipping a pet’s nails more frequently.

The way you step on a stair can be a little more aggressive and a little more localized on the edge, which tends to damage one side of the carpet. A good habit would be to anticipate your steps to put your foot on the carpet.

In the same way as for maintaining and cleaning wall-to-wall carpets, regular cleaning with products will help preserve your stair carpet over time.

Protect your carpeted stairs from the sun

Stair carpet runners, like any type of carpet, are sensitive to sunlight. This could alter their colour and since there is little chance that your window will shine on the entire stairway, you could find yourself in a situation where the carpet is no longer in good condition. You could end up with a carpeted staircase with a faded colour in one place and not in others. So be careful!

If this is the case in your home, you may want to consider blocking the sunlight that reaches the stair carpet, either with a curtain or with an adhesive paper on the window. This will keep the carpet colour vibrant.

Use a protective product

Carpet or carpet runners are great ideas to decorate a staircase and to protect your stairway. These carpeted stairs or runners need to be pampered so they don’t age poorly. A good method to protect your carpeted stairway is to apply a protective product to your fabric.

After your regular maintenance, to limit stains and possible traces or spills that could occur by accident, use touch spot treatments with cleaning products. These carpet cleaning products are often made to be foam cleaners. It is important to read the directions and the ingredients listed on the label.

Spreading the protection product once every year is a good frequency to ensure that your carpet remains in good condition.

Tapis André Viau excels in carpeted stair installation in Montreal

Protecting your carpeted stairs is important for the lifetime value of your home. Whether it’s to clean your carpeted stairway or to choose a new carpet runner for your stairs, our experts are here to help with our services.

With over 60 years of experience, we advise, sell and install carpeted stairs in the Greater Montreal area. Contact us or come see us in store with your measurements, a picture of your staircase and your ideas. We will help you make them a reality.😊

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