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What are the pros and cons of carpet flooring?

There has been considerable prejudice against carpeting in recent years. However, it is coming back into fashion and is increasingly being chosen as a floor covering for interiors.

What exactly can you expect from carpeting? Our specialists in carpet installation in Montreal can tell you more about the pros and cons of carpet flooring.

Advantages of carpet flooring

The advantages of carpet flooring are far more numerous than public opinion would have us believe! Often used in the bedroom or basements, there are major interests to consider in your reflection.

Better insulation and soundproofing

Wall-to-wall carpet is known to help insulate your room, both thermally and sonically. The thicker you invest in the carpet, the greater its insulating power.

This makes carpeting ideal for homes in Montreal, which are often older and less efficient at keeping out heat and noise. A carpeted floor absorbs shocks and heavy footsteps, as well as loud sounds such as voices or television. The ideal ally to get along with your neighbours and pay less for your electricity bill!

Unbeatable comfort

Waking up and putting your feet on a soft carpet, isn’t that prolonging the comfort of your sleep? Covering the floor of your bedroom with carpeting, your living room, is to promote comfort as no other floor covering could. You can move around barefoot without feeling the cold, but rather enjoy the warmth and comfort of the material of your carpet. It cushions your movements and softens your step.

A better safety

It seems like a small benefit when you put it that way, yet there is no other flooring as safe as carpet. It is perfectly suited for the elderly who are more likely to fall and injure themselves more severely, but also for children who are prone to falling.

A warmer atmosphere

Aesthetically, carpeting offers a real sense of warmth, which is especially pleasing in a living room or bedroom. Depending on whether you choose short pile or shaggy, you can create a different, but still more personal and intimate atmosphere than a more traditional floor covering like tile or vinyl.

A very wide choice of colours

Your wall-to-wall carpet can be made of different materials and in different colours. There are wool carpets, synthetic carpets, or other natural fibres like coir or sisal. To know how to choose wall-to-wall carpet for your interior, you must consider the type of room in which you want to install it, but also the humidity level and the desired aesthetic.

Synthetic fibres come in an infinite number of colours and patterns, so you can personalize your home in the best way possible. As for wool carpet, it is possible to dye it to a specific colour.

Disadvantages of carpet flooring

While carpet flooring has some advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider when making your decision. We’ve been laying wall-to-wall carpet in Montreal for decades, so you should know that these drawbacks can all be overcome with a little effort, nothing more!

A rather delicate and regular maintenance

Carpet requires almost daily maintenance. Even with regular vacuuming, dust mites and dirt can easily lodge on it, making it a floor covering that requires a lot of attention.

In an environment that is likely to be dirty more often – presence of animals – vinyl flooring is much more recommended. Your carpet would suffer from a variety of soiling and possible damage, if your pet claws into the carpet, for example.

However, if you don’t have pets, regular maintenance and good ventilation are already the keys to a healthy wall-to-wall carpet. Our carpet cleaning tips should help you in this regard.

Shorter life span than other floor coverings

This is especially true for synthetic carpet, which is said to have a life span of 10 years. It requires regular maintenance and good care to last. Otherwise, it is the quality of the fibre, the frequency of use and stains that will influence the appearance of your carpet.

Note that wool carpet is more durable and lasts a little longer than synthetic carpet!

Intox? A possible allergenic field

Often decried as a breeding ground for dust mites and dust, carpeting could be a problem for people with dust mite allergies or asthma. That being said, if you clean it properly and take care of it, it shouldn’t be any more dangerous than any other floor covering.

Dust mites proliferate everywhere in an interior. It is important to air your home and clean it effectively, especially linens and fabrics, to prevent them as best as possible.

In fact, carpeting has one advantage in this regard: it holds dust, unlike other floor coverings where dust moves freely through the air. So all you have to do is vacuum to remove as much of the threat to dust-sensitive people as possible.

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