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Here’s how to choose the right carpet colour

Choosing the right carpet for your interior can be difficult because of all the factors you need to consider: your budget, the room where it will be, the material it is made of or the colour that will look best.

And choosing the right colour is a job for a carpet specialist, especially since a wrong choice can ruin your entire decoration.

To choose the right colour, you need to ask yourself several questions:

  • What are the dominant colours of the furniture, walls and fabrics?
  • What is the floor made of where the carpet will be placed?
  • What effect should the rug have in my home?
  • How bright is the room?

Tapis André Viau, our carpet store in Montreal, is used to answering these questions. Today, we will help you choose the right carpet colour.

How colours influence us

Before you choose a colour for your rug, you need to understand how colours can affect perception. Colours change the atmosphere of a space and can have an influence on how we feel.

As a rule:

  • Light colours brighten and visually expand spaces
  • Dark colours are warmer and make the space more intimate, more comfortable

Colours can also play on our emotions. Before choosing the colour for your interior, you should have a goal in mind:

  • If you want to focus and work, choose warm and energetic colours
  • If you are looking for calm and relaxation, for example in a bedroom, choose a cooler tone like blue

Finally, the colour of your carpet should coordinate or contrast with the rest:

  • If you coordinate colours, the result will be more harmonious and relaxed
  • If your colour contrasts with different tones, you will get a more dynamic space

How to pick a rug colour and different ways to combine them

Let’s see how colours make us feel depending on whether they are…

  • Warm: red, pink, orange and yellow
  • Cold: green and blue
  • Neutral: grey, beige, white and black

When to choose a warm coloured carpet (red, pink, orange and yellow)

Warm colours are the most vibrant and are often considered energetic and stimulating. They are associated with confidence, strength and enthusiasm.

Red, for a bright carpet

Red is a stimulating colour that should always be used in moderation. Like black, red can end up being aggressive if used too much or if you choose the wrong shade.

A red rug is perfect when you want to create a focal point or contrast in a living room, hallway or dining room.

Pink, for a carpet with trendy colours

While pink rugs are still popular in bedrooms and bathrooms, light pink is becoming increasingly popular in living rooms. Pink is very elegant and warm but be careful not to choose a shade that is too flashy.

Pink in decoration is still often considered too feminine or romantic. This is why pale pink is always a great choice. You can choose a pink rug with a prominent pattern, for example.

Orange, a colour that brings happiness

Orange is associated with happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, attraction and determination. It is a colour that brings out strong feelings: we either love it or hate it.

Here again, tone should be considered. A reddish orange is more associated with desire, passion and pleasure than with joy and happiness.

Yellow, for a radiant carpet

Like all warm colours, yellow is associated with happiness and energy. Yellow could be a nice addition in a living room, as it energizes the room while offering a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. The use of yellow objects is a popular decorating trends of the year 2022.

When to choose a carpet with cooler colours (green, blue and purple)

Cool colours are associated with tranquility, comfort, introspection and calm. They are less conspicuous than warm colours, aid in concentration and have a relaxing effect.

Green, for a carpet that brings calm and freshness

Green allows you to create fresh and modern spaces.

Green is the colour of nature and associated with harmony and safety. We generally feel good in rooms where green is present.

Different shades of green have completely different meanings:

  • Aqua green offers a sense of protection
  • Dark green is associated with ambition, jealousy and greed
  • Olive green is a symbol of inner peace
  • Yellowish green can be somewhat unhealthy

One of the trends of the year is to give a “natural” side to your interior decoration. If you want to adopt this type of decoration, consider adding some plants in the room where you will place your carpet.

Blue, for an all-purpose carpet

Blue is one of the most popular carpet colours. It is simply timeless and versatile. Blue is often associated with intelligence, loyalty, confidence, the sea and the sky. It evokes calm, relaxation and serenity.

Blue rugs combine very well in rooms where white, yellow, grey or other shades of blue dominate. They are perfect for decorating bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. And since they relax and reduce stress, blue rugs can also be beneficial in offices and commercial spaces.

When it comes to the living room, you can combine different tones, for example, choosing a “deep” blue carpet if the walls have neutral tones.

If you are looking for a luxurious atmosphere, the midnight blue carpet is the solution. This shade is a beautiful mix of melancholy and tranquility. A close alternative would be a dark purple, whose hue is often associated with quality and luxury.

When to choose a carpet with neutral colours (grey, white, beige and black)

Neutral colours are perfect for balancing out atmospheres that are too hot or too cold. Decorating a room with neutral colours is a good choice. Unsurprisingly, neutral carpets and rugs are best-sellers.

However, one drawback when it comes to a neutral-coloured rug is the potential for a boring decor. One way to avoid this is to buy a rug with character, for example with an irregular cut or patterns.

Brown, for a retro style decoration

A thick brown rug will easily hide stains. It’s an all-purpose choice: it goes well with blue, green, beige, other shades of brown and even yellow, perfect colours for a retro style decor.

White, for a pure space

White carpets convey a sense of purity and are perfect for incorporating into light-coloured or monochromatic spaces, or rooms that feature wood decor.

A white carpet gives an impression of cleanliness but beware of the other side of the coin: white carpets can easily become dirty.

If you choose this colour, make sure to clean your carpet regularly to keep it in shape for years to come. Or come visit us at our Montreal store to get our expert advice.

Grey, for a modern decoration

Unlike white, grey is rather easy to keep clean and a grey carpet hides its stains very well. Grey carpeting fits very well with Nordic or minimalist style decorations. It also goes well with brick walls and concrete floors.

In short, like other neutral tones, grey can be easily combined with other colours. And if you are planning on decorating your interior with a stair carpet, gray can be your best ally.

Black, for minimalist decoration

Lately, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms alike are filled with black accessories. Black rugs are perfect when it comes to hiding all kinds of stains, although sometimes dust can also be more visible on them, so have your vacuum ready.

Before choosing a black carpet, you should consider the light that enters the room. It must have enough natural light, otherwise it may be a bit dark. A trick to bring light to this colour is to combine it with plants and flowers. Give it a shot!

Ask a rug expert for help in choosing the right colour

Those were our tips for the most popular carpet colours, but there are many others that can complement your home. We can help you choose the right carpet based on your taste, budget and the various factors mentioned in this article.

If you want to get our advice or see what we can do for you, come see us in store, at 1333 Fleury Street East in Montreal. We will be happy to help you!

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