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Carpet in the living room: position and size

If you want to buy a carpet for your living room but don’t know how to install it, you’ve come to the right place: your Montreal carpet store, Tapis André Viau, knows how essential the proper installation of the carpet is for your purchase to be a success.

This is not an easy task and there are a few basic rules that must be considered. Here they are!

How to position a carpet in the living room?

A quality rug offers comfort and warmth and takes living room decor to the next level.

But how do you properly install it in such a high-traffic room? There are 3 options:


Over the furniture set

Be careful how you position your carpet in the living room.

Besides creating a warm atmosphere, one of the benefits of having a rug in the living room is to protect you from the cold floor. Therefore, if we focus on this main objective, the best way to place the carpet is to place it under the living room furniture set. Thus, the more the floor is covered, the less cold you will receive.

Another advantage of this arrangement is that you won’t hit the edges of the rug, and it won’t lift or crumple every time you move a chair.

Another advantage of this way of installing a rug is that it delineates the different areas of the living room. This way, everything on the rug will be part of the living room, while the rest of the room is considered the dining room.

The only real drawback to this option is that you will need a very large rug, which is usually expensive. Also, the installation can be quite a laborious task.


Straddling the furniture legs

A patterned carpet can be place under the sofa.

Another option is to place it under half of the legs of the sofa or couch and leave the other half of the legs out. This option is especially interesting for small living rooms and for those who do not have the biggest budgets.

If we put one that covers the whole floor, it will give a suffocating feeling.

Of course, if you have chairs, make sure that the four legs rest on the carpet, otherwise it will be wobbly and you will feel uncomfortable.


Only under the table in a small living room

You can place your rug under the table in a small living room.

There is a third way to place the carpet in the living room. It should not cover the sofas and chairs, but only be under the coffee table.

The disadvantage of placing the living room rug in this way is that it does not offer the greatest comfort. It doesn’t do its job of keeping your body from absorbing the cold that the floor gives off when you sit.

So again, this is a great solution if you have a small budget or a small living room.

How to choose the carpet for a living room?

Before thinking about installing your rug, it is essential to take your time to choose THE right rug model. It is therefore essential to consider the dimensions of your living room and the placement of your furniture in order to choose the right carpet size, but that’s not all.

Choose a patterned and colorful design

Rugs are like works of art for the floor. One of this year’s decorating trends is to use bright colours to add a little fantasy to a room. So don’t be afraid to choose a colourful and patterned model.

Patterns are always more plentiful among carpet specialists, but choosing the right one is important: it would shake up the whole living room look. Also, make sure that when you place furniture on it, the patterns are not completely covered. Consider the location of the furniture before you buy.

To find inspiration for colours and patterns, you can consult our Achievements section: you will see what is possible by using our services or by going directly to our boutique located in Montreal. Choosing the right carpet colour is a huge step in the process!

Don’t neglect the importance of carpet maintenance

Cleaning tips vary from carpet to carpet, but don’t neglect the importance of caring for your carpet so that it looks its best and lasts for years.

Before buying a carpet, think carefully about the exact location where you will be installing it and, most importantly, find out exactly what maintenance it will need to keep it looking its best. A damaged, low-quality, poorly maintained carpet is easily noticeable in a living room and can detract from the charm of your interior design.

If you have children and pets, be aware that incidents could happen in such a busy room. In the living room, it is best to invest in a quality rug that is easy to clean.

Call on a carpet expert with Tapis André Viau

As you can see, buying a quality rug for your living room is not necessarily enough to make the room more beautiful. The size of your living room plays an essential role, as well as the colours, the shapes of the carpet and the maintenance you will be able to offer it. It might be interesting to purchase a custom rug for that matter!

Therefore, if you live in the Greater Montreal area, why not visit our boutique located at 1333 Fleury Street E? We will be able to advise you according to your needs and your budget. If needed, we can also install the model of your choice at your home. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.


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