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12 Carpet Trends for 2024

At Tapis André Viau, we understand the importance of choosing the right carpet to transform your living space. With so many available options, it’s worth taking the time to find a carpet or rug that is both functional and nice-looking, even if your main goal is to keep up with the latest carpet trends.

The specialists at our Montreal carpet store have put together a roundup of the hottest carpet and rug styles for 2024. Keep reading for valuable tips that will help you choose the right carpet material, model and color to add a touch of elegance and a warm, welcoming atmosphere to your home!

1. Eco-friendly carpets

There is a growing interest in using natural materials such as wool, jute and sisal in interior decoration, as we all become more aware of our environmental impact. These materials last a long time and bring a warm texture to any room. In 2024, they are trending in various formats, notably and hand-tufted rugs. Now is the time to choose a durable, eco-friendly rug for your or living room!

Tapis tendance en 2024 fait en matière écologique

2. Irregular shaped rugs

Irregular-shaped rugs are the big news of 2024! A turning point in modern interior design, these pieces invite a bolder, more personalized aesthetic that is a far cry from traditional rectangular or round rug formats.

Asymmetrical shapes and surprising edges add a unique, creative touch to any room. You can choose an irregular shaped rug to suit either a modern or traditional decor, and add some dynamic character to your interior.

Tapis tendance 2024 : formes irregulières

3. Abstract rugs

Rugs with abstract designs often also boast bright colors. Inspired by art, these floor coverings stand out from the ordinary and add character to any space. With their almost surreal allure, they are an opportunity to show your unique style, bringing depth and originality to living room décor.

Tapis tendance 2024 : L'art abstraits

4. Geometric rugs with bold designs

Geometric rugs are not a new trend, but they cleverly fuse two elements seen in recent seasons. By combining abstract art with geometric shapes, and pairing them with bright colors, this selection of rugs is a perfect example of maximalism, a growing trend for carpets and interiors in general in 2024.

Tapis tendance 2024

5. Warm colours for 2024

Warm hues were already on the rise in 2023, and they are poised to make a definitive statement in 2024 with colors such as brown, orange and terracotta taking centre stage. These bohemian hues inspire comfort and hospitality to transform any space into a haven of peace and warmth.


The carpet and rug colour of the year: Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz has been selected as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024.  It’s a soft, upbeat hue that sooths and supports, a symbol of a refreshingly bright approach to the world of interior design.

Couleur 2024 peach fuzz

6. Neutral and natural tones for carpets and rugs

Beige, ivory and taupe are fashionable colors that reflect the contemporary desire for simplicity and harmony in interior design. By choosing neutral, natural tones, interior design enthusiasts can opt for a timeless aesthetic that will stand the test of passing trends.

Tapis tendance beige

7. Green and grey colour palettes

As warm tones become more and more popular, natural, soothing carpet hues like pepper gray and khaki green continue to seduce. These colors evoke serenity and harmony with nature, and combine to create a trendy, cohesive whole that will suit any space in your home.

Tapis tendance 2024 en vert kaki

8. Classic black and white carpets and rugs

Black and white patterns remain a classic choice, offering a strong visual contrast that will complement a variety of decorative styles. Rugs in these tones can both anchor a minimalist space and serve as a counterpoint in a busier setting, proving their versatility and enduring elegance. For 2024, a black and white checkerboard print remains a sure bet for any carpet or rug!

Tapis tendance 2024 en noir et blanc

9. Colorful rugs are still trending!

Although carpets in warm or neutral colors are set to be the most popular in 2024, colorful floor coverings are still trending, especially if you opt for abstract or geometric patterns! These bright, expressive pieces are bold statements that will invite joy and creativity into your interior.

Tapis 2024 avec un style abstrait

10. Wall-to-wall carpeting to match your interior décor

If you want to be on trend in 2024, remember wall-to-wall carpet. We often think of this type of floor covering as a thing of the past, but wall-to-wall carpeting has many advantages! It offers unrivalled comfort, reduces noise, and above all, adds texture and warmth to your interior.

Tendance 2024 : la moquette

11. Try out a carpet mural!

Have you ever thought of suspending carpets from your walls? No? Surprise! It’s one of this year’s biggest trends!

Wall carpets stand out as original decorative elements. They can transform a space by giving it a unique aesthetic, and offer an artistic alternative to traditional wall decor.

Combining functionality and taste, these pieces will add a lavish a touch of personality. This carpet trends underlines the growing importance of using texture and dimension to create lively, inspiring spaces.

Tapis mureaux

12. Combining appearance and functionality

The balance between appearance and functionality remains the most important consideration when choosing a carpet or rug. Easy-care, durable materials are more and more popular, as are designs that complement and boost existing furnishings, proving that beauty and practicality can coexist harmoniously in a modern living space!

Ask a professional for a trendy, made-to-measure carpet in Montreal!

Now that you’ve explored carpet trends for 2024, you probably have a clear idea of which floor covering will perfectly complement your home. All you need to do now is find that perfect piece to bring your decor to life!

If you would like personalized advice and expert assistance as you track down the perfect carpet or rug, come and visit our boutique, nestled in the heart of Montreal at 1333, rue Fleury Est. Our team is here to guide you through our extensive collection of rugs and wall-to-wall carpets, so you can find the perfect flooring to complete your home decor!

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