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Install an Indoor Stair Runner for Safety and Comfort

Plunge into a world of refinement by installing a stair runner! An indoor stair carpet will not only add a special something to your interior design, it will also offer numerous practical benefits. 

In this article, the professionals at our Montreal carpet store explain how this elegant addition can both enhance your interior and make it safer and more comfortable.

Install a stair carpet for aesthetic appeal

The staircase in your house is not only a functional structure, it can also play a role in your interior design.

Stair runner color and type

The type and color of your carpet help define the tone and style of your living space. You can choose a warm-colored rug to create a welcoming ambience, white sisal for a minimalist or Zen vibe, a fabric rug in dark colors for a more industrial look, and so on.

Stair carpet in grey-white for a minimalist look

Stair runner pattern

Stair runners can look good with a pattern or without. While carpet trends in 2024 favour bold geometric shapes and abstract designs, we suggest opting for simple, timeless patterns. After all, it’s easier to change a carpet than an entire staircase. Remember, it’s always important to think long-term.

Stair runner texture

You can also choose between different textures:

  • Plush rugs: long, soft pile, but difficult to clean
  • Ribbed rugs: rough feel, ideal for high-traffic areas, easy to clean, but limited color choice
  • Textured rugs: offer the widest variety of colors, patterns and materials, including waterproof options.

Stair runners reduce noise

Staircases can be the source of a lot of noise, especially when the materials used in their construction are not thick enough to effectively absorb sound and vibration. Wooden staircases are often the loudest for this reason. 

Installing a stair runner can be an easy and cost-effective solution to reduce the noise of footsteps on your stairs and contribute to a more peaceful atmosphere in your home. 

An indoor stair carpet makes your home safer

Staircases present a risk of falls and injuries, especially if they are made from slippery materials like glazed wood or stone. 

Carpet boasts natural anti-slip properties, which means you can enjoy the added safety of a better grip underfoot. It’s perfect for reducing the risk of falls, especially for children, the elderly, or for anyone going up or down stairs in socks.

Green stair carpet on white staircase

Extend the lifespan of your stairs

In addition to providing aesthetic and safety benefits, a stair carpet protects stairs from daily wear and tear. Rubbing, scratching and other types of damage are common on frequently used stairs. 

By covering your steps with a carpet, you can protect them and extend their lifespan, while keeping your home looking neat and tidy over the long term.

Stair runners are easier to install than wall-to-wall carpeting

Stair runners are easier to install than wall-to-wall carpeting – in fact, we’ve written an entire article on how to install carpet on stairs to help you do it yourself. Usually, it’s recommended to maintain a 10 cm space on each side of the runner.

If you want a professional finish, you can rely on a carpet installation service. This will save you time and, above all, guarantee that your investment will last. It’s always nice to feel confident that you will enjoy a perfect installation.

Keep in mind that installing a stair runner is not just a matter of keeping up appearances, it’s also an investment in your home, which can increase its value if you decide to sell.

When to install wall-to-wall carpet on stairs

It is usually a good idea to install wall-to-wall carpet on damaged stairs, because unlike stair runners, stair carpeting completely covers the steps. It’s the prefect solution for dressing up a worn staircase.

Grey wall-to-wall carpeting on stairs

Hire experts to help your choose the perfect indoor stair runner!

Perhaps you still have questions, or maybe you are already convinced that installing a stair runner is a good idea. Either way, you can contact us via this form or come and visit our boutique at 1333, rue Fleury Est in Montreal.

Our professionals specialize in creating custom stair runners, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect carpet to cover your indoor staircase.

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