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Are shaggy rugs in style?

Shaggy rugs have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity these last years. They are ideal for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or nursery.

How do you choose a shaggy rug and how do you maintain this specific rug? Tapis André Viau, Montreal carpet store, tells you more.

What is a shaggy rug?

The shaggy carpet is made from synthetic or natural fibers such as cotton, wool or mink. The term shaggy comes from English and literally means “shaggy” or “long-haired”. His strands create a tousled effect that gives a real impression of abundance.

Fifty years old, the shaggy rug originated in the 1970s, a time when decorating was deconstructed in favor of comfort. This tribute to the free-spirited generation has grown to the point where it is now a popular interior rug. Available in an endless array of colors, patterns, shapes and styles, the shaggy rug is now one of the most popular rugs. It is often crossed with the Berber pattern, a pattern that gives it a very bohemian look.

 It has a soft, plush feel underfoot, making it comfortable to walk on. The long, thick fibers of the shaggy rug also add depth and texture to your decor.

Shaggy rugs brings a nice touch of decoration.

Why and how to choose a shaggy carpet?

The key words for the shaggy carpet are comfort and aesthetics. Infinitely more comfortable than any floor, it invites you to sit or lie on it.

Although it is widely acclaimed and a safe bet, it is still a rug. And any carpet is subject to certain rules to be best arranged in your home. It is therefore appropriate to carefully choose the size.

Regarding the choice of the carpet colour: if you want to give a minimalist side to your room, go for light and neutral colours, such as beige, linen. If you want to adopt a contemporary style, the lively colours and round shapes can bring a real plus in the decoration!

Put your shaggy rug under the sofa to extend comfort.

However, maintaining a shaggy rug involves rigorous cleaning, more than a short-pile rug. Longer strands tend to flatten out with repeated use, or dirt can get stuck in the pile roots.

The most appropriate rooms for the shaggy carpet

Without question, the winning rooms are the living room and the bedroom. Its soft and furnished aspect is particularly suited for the bedside, or for the exit of the sofa, since it extends the comfort of these pieces of furniture. You can also use it for the baby’s room, and he will be able to play on it and walk without taking the risk of hurting himself by falling.

The installation of your carpet in the living room must be well thought out however, so that it is not too imposing in the decoration. Judiciously placed, and often with a large surface area, a shaggy rug brings a very warm effect, almost like a wall-to-wall carpet.

Placed under the bed, a shaggy rug brings a warm atmosphere.

How to make a shaggy rug fluffy again

Do you vacuum your carpet once or twice a week, dust it properly and make sure you remove stains as soon as they occur? That’s good! But maintaining and cleaning your carpet may not be enough when it comes to the condition of your strands. Since they are longer, it’s easier to have them wilt, but also to have them torn out or damaged.

Over time and with wear and tear, you may begin to see sagging portions of your carpet, where the hair is losing its luster. To straighten them out, you’ll need two tools:

  • An iron with demineralized water (regular water could damage the carpet with the lime);
  • A wide-tooth brush or a coarse-tooth comb.

The goal is to generate steam with the iron at a few centimeters from the fibers – no ironing here! – and gently untangle the strands to give them back their pep and straighten them.

Tapis André Viau, where to buy shaggy rugs

The shaggy rug is becoming more and more popular, and we understand the hype! In a city like Montreal and its surroundings, especially in the cold season, nothing beats the comfort of a fluffy shaggy rug.

If you want to buy a shaggy rug, come see us in store in Montreal! We are specialists in custom rugs and have been for many decades. We will help you choose the carpet that best suits your needs and your interior.

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